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Indentation, Structuring


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To ensure good coding habits and techniques, are there any articles discussing good coding, nesting, and/or structuring habits to help keep my pages neat and lean? Or any considerations you guys do to keep things looking clean for your pages?

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Most importantly, be sure to put each level of code on a new level of indentation.This is really difficult to read:

if(count($a) > 0) {echo "<div class='c'>";foreach($a as $x=>$n) {echo "$x: $n\n";}echo "</div>";}

This is much better:

if(count($a) > 0) {  echo "<div class='c'>";  foreach($a as $x=>$n) {	echo "$x: $n\n";  }  echo "</div>";}

Also, it's good to put comments frequently explaining what each portion of code is, so that if you have to go back to it, you'll know what it's doing.

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