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Htaccess And Stylesheet

hybrid kill3r

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I just figured out how to use mod_rewrite. My htaccess code is the following:

Options +FollowSymlinksRewriteEngine onRewriteRule profile/([a-z]+)/([0-9]+) profile.php?action=$1&uid=$2RewriteRule forum/([0-9]+) threadlist.php?forumid=$1

I don't get any errors, but it won't display the stylesheet, even though I know the path it gets is correct because of the source code. I call the stylesheet with a php file using dirname(__FILE__) and it displays correctly and there is in fact a stylesheet at that specific path when I type it into my browser.BTW, not sure if this is HTML, but didn't know where else to put it. :)

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Try to create a link (an "a" element that is) leading to the same location (as written in your "link" element). Right click and select properties. Look at the "Address (URL)" field, and try to open THAT in your browser (you can select, copy and paste the value in there). It may turn out that the location you thought your path resolves to is different than the one the browser actually resolves it to.

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The link takes me to the same place, but it says the file isn't found. I am 100% positive that the URL is correct.
Could you give a link to the forum/site, and the supposed stylesheet? Also, where is the .htaccess located exactly? There could be a lot of places where relative paths could turn into a nightmare. Edited by boen_robot
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You should've followed everything I said...In


looking at the source code shows

<link href='templates/default/style.css' rel=stylesheet />

If you create an achor to that, you'll have

<a href='templates/default/style.css'>CSS</a>

Right clicking on that should give you (and this is just a guess, based on what I'm able to do as a viewer):


Which I guess isn't where your CSS is located, right?If possible, try to give it an absolute path, as with your CSS at the main forum page:

<link href='http://serverstrike.net/WarBoards/templates/default/style.css' rel=stylesheet />

or (for the sake of portability; for the sake of lesses bandwidth; ideally):

<link href="/WarBoards/templates/default/style.css" rel="stylesheet" />

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