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Tabbed Window For Updates.


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If you've been in the XSLT / XML forum you'll already know what I'm trying to do. I want to make a tabbed window that pops up when you have updates/messages/first timer/etc. I was told I should use xslt so I looked it up and tried it some but from my side I don't think that will solve the whole problem. I think they may have missunderstood my question (which is my fault for not explaining correctly). But I'm trying to make a script like the one I described. I haven't done anything yet but here's kinda what it looks like-http://mrfishtests.byethost17.com/I wanted it to be fancy so it fades to black and that popup apears. Of course you see it right away because there's no conditions for it yet, it just starts immediate. I want a (ajax?) script that reads a tag like this-

<update title="tab title" page="updates/tab_title" active="true">

So the script will read through the tags until it reaches a tag that isn't active (active="false") and stops. I want for each tag to display the title as the tab and when you click on it the image changes to the "activetab.png" image and display the content at that url. Of course all other tabs change to "inactivetab.png". Here is a visual description to make it easier-mytabdream.jpgI think it's a cool idea. But I don't know how can I-a. Read the tag information with javascript.b. For-each tag that is active make the functional tabs.c. Make the first tab active by default.d. Display the default page information and display page information of the other tabs when you click on them.I would usually try this on my own but I think this is the hardest thing I've ever done though it seems simple. I could just make a tab layout hard coded but I want it to be flexible and easily updatedable. Maybe if you could just tell me the tools I would need so I can look them up myself that would be a huge step for me. Thanks a bunch!

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