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<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!--/**** Multiple dynamic combo boxes*** by Mirko Elviro, 9 Mar 2005*** Script featured and available on JavaScript Kit (http://www.javascriptkit.com)******Please do not remove this comment*/// This script supports an unlimited number of linked combo boxed// Their id must be "combo_0", "combo_1", "combo_2" etc.// Here you have to put the data that will fill the combo boxes// ie. data_2_1 will be the first option in the second combo box// when the first combo box has the second option selected// first combo boxdata_1 = new Option("1", "$");data_2 = new Option("2", "$$");// second combo boxdata_1_1 = new Option("11", "-");data_1_2 = new Option("12", "-");data_2_1 = new Option("21", "--");data_2_2 = new Option("22", "--");data_2_3 = new Option("23", "--");data_2_4 = new Option("24", "--");data_2_5 = new Option("25", "--");// third combo boxdata_1_1_1 = new Option("111", "*");data_1_1_2 = new Option("112", "*");data_1_1_3 = new Option("113", "*");data_1_2_1 = new Option("121", "*");data_1_2_2 = new Option("122", "*");data_1_2_3 = new Option("123", "*");data_1_2_4 = new Option("124", "*");data_2_1_1 = new Option("211", "**");data_2_1_2 = new Option("212", "**");data_2_2_1 = new Option("221", "**");data_2_2_2 = new Option("222", "**");data_2_3_1 = new Option("231", "***");data_2_3_2 = new Option("232", "***");// fourth combo boxdata_2_2_1_1 = new Option("2211","%");data_2_2_1_2 = new Option("2212","%%");// other parametersdisplaywhenempty=""valuewhenempty=-1displaywhennotempty="-select-"valuewhennotempty=0function change(currentbox) {numb = currentbox.id.split("_");	currentbox = numb[1];	i=parseInt(currentbox)+1// I empty all combo boxes following the current one	while ((eval("typeof(document.getElementById(\"combo_"+i+"\"))!='undefined'")) &&		   (document.getElementById("combo_"+i)!=null)) {		 son = document.getElementById("combo_"+i); // I empty all options except the first one (it isn't allowed)		 for (m=son.options.length-1;m>0;m--) son.options[m]=null; // I reset the first option son.options[0]=new Option(displaywhenempty,valuewhenempty)i=i+1	}// now I create the string with the "base" name ("stringa"), ie. "data_1_0"// to which I'll add _0,_1,_2,_3 etc to obtain the name of the combo box to fill	stringa='data'	i=0	while ((eval("typeof(document.getElementById(\"combo_"+i+"\"))!='undefined'")) &&		   (document.getElementById("combo_"+i)!=null)) {		   eval("stringa=stringa+'_'+document.getElementById(\"combo_"+i+"\").selectedIndex")		   if (i==currentbox) break;		   i=i+1	}// filling the "son" combo (if exists)	following=parseInt(currentbox)+1	if ((eval("typeof(document.getElementById(\"combo_"+following+"\"))!='undefined'")) &&	   (document.getElementById("combo_"+following)!=null)) {	   son = document.getElementById("combo_"+following);	   stringa=stringa+"_"	   i=0	   while ((eval("typeof("+stringa+i+")!='undefined'")) || (i==0)) {	   // if there are no options, I empty the first option of the "son" combo	   // otherwise I put "-select-" in it	   	  if ((i==0) && eval("typeof("+stringa+"0)=='undefined'"))	   		  if (eval("typeof("+stringa+"1)=='undefined'"))	   			 eval("son.options[0]=new Option(displaywhenempty,valuewhenempty)")	   		  else				 eval("son.options[0]=new Option(displaywhennotempty,valuewhennotempty)")		  else			  eval("son.options["+i+"]=new Option("+stringa+i+".text,"+stringa+i+".value)")		  i=i+1	   }	   //son.focus()	   i=1	   combostatus=''	   cstatus=stringa.split("_")	   while (cstatus[i]!=null) {		  combostatus=combostatus+cstatus[i]		  i=i+1		  }	   return combostatus;	}}//--></script><form><select name="combo0" id="combo_0" onChange="change(this);" style="width:200px;">	<option value="value1">-select-</option>	<option value="value2">1</option>	<option value="value3">2</option></select><BR><BR><select name="combo1" id="combo_1" onChange="change(this)" style="width:200px;">	<option value="value1">  </option></select><BR><BR><select name="combo2" id="combo_2" onChange="change(this);" style="width:200px;">	<option value="value1">  </option></select><BR><BR><select name="combo3" id="combo_3" onChange="change(this);" style="width:200px;">	<option value="value1">  </option></select></form><p align="center">This free script provided by<br /><a href="http://javascriptkit.com">JavaScriptKit</a></p>

Hey guys.How do you make so the boxes appear AFTER you select?Also, how do I store the information in the fourth combo box so I can use it in a variable later in PHP?I mean something like "data_2_2_1_2 = new Option("2212","$50")" ?Or maybe a submit box and when you press it the last variable appearsThank you!

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