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im making a site i have a background that i made to line up with my table.my table is centered.my background is centered.my background repeats on the y axis.when in full screen they match up how i want but if i make the browser smaller it moves th background and wont match with my table.how can i make it so that the background will always line up with my table?

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You mean it moves the table, not the background, right?If the background is moving it's because you don't have it centered.
my html
<body class="bgbody"><center><img src="/banner.jpg"></center><center><table border="0" id="menubar"><tr><td id="menu" ><a href="/home.html" class="menuoptions">Home</a></td><td id="menu" ><a href="/contact.html" class="menuoptions">Contact</a></td><td id="menu" ><a href="/search.html" class="menuoptions">Search</a></td></tr> </table> </center></body>
my css
body.bgbody{ background-color : Black; color:white; background-image : url(bodybackground.jpg); background-position : center; background-repeat : repeat-y; }
it works how i want in full screen but when i change screen size the background does not line up with my table.
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