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Sending Sql Statements


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Guest FirefoxRocks

Try this:

<?phpswitch($doFunction){	case "createdb":	$dbname = $_GET['dbname'];	$dataquery = "CREATE DATABASE " . $dbname;	$sentdata = mysql_query($dataquery) or die("Could not create database");	while($displaydata=mysql_fetch_array($senddata)) {	}	break;}?>

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Yea firefoxrox...I just figured that out so i was editing at the time you posted sry.After Further searching I found something but its still not working...Now what I am trying:

<?php		switch($doFunction){		case createdb:			$conn = mysql_connect($dbip, $user, $pass);			if (mysql_query("CREATE DATABASE " . $dbname,$con)){				 $step = '3';				 header('location: index.php?step=2&dbip=' . $dbip . '&user=' . $user . '&pass=' . $pass . '&status=Able To Connect&dbname=' . $dbname . '&dbcreated=Database Created');			} else {				 $step = '2';				 header('location: index.php?step=2&dbip=' . $dbip . '&user=' . $user . '&pass=' . $pass . '&status=Able To Connect&dbname=' . $dbname . '&dbcreated=Database Not Created');			}		break;		}		?>

Now its telling me that Database Not Created meaning it called the else statement

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