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Hey, okay my question is I want my members of my video site to wait for stuff in video tabs to load. So what can i do when they go to http://www.mysite.com/?sid=1 which is "Currently Being Played" tab in the middle of this tab they will see a loading.gif for duracation of 15sec after the 15sec the php will load a <?php include('played.php') ?> played.php file which will have all the files of videos?And one more question if there isent a way to do it that I am requesting help with how can I make a code that selects videos from MySQL?Currently Being Played tab will show9 video boxes per page. (3x3)[Video Image] <-- Image will be renderd as <DIV BACKGROUND> [Video Title] <-- Title will be over the Video Image[Video Stars] <-- Left [Watch Video] <-- RightI think this code can do it for the video displaying part, but how can I make a MySQL code which will select all of this and display 3x3 videos ( V = Video ) and select randomly different videos not the same, and dont show the same video if its allready being shown, so no repeat of same videos.[V1-A][V1-B][V1-C][V2-A][V2-B][V2-C][V3-A][V3-B][V3-C]

		 $results = array(); // the result array   		 while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($videoResult)) {  			$results[] = "<div class='video-box'><div style='background:url('{$row['vid_img']}');'><div style='float:right;margin-right:3px;margin-top:20px;'><p>{$row['vid_title']}</P</div></div><div style='float:left;'>{$row['vid_rating']}</div><a href='{$row['vid_link']}'><div class='watch'></div></a><br/></div>";

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