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Uploading An Array Of Values Into Sql


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I'd use something like serialize() to store it in the database, then when you read it, use unserialize(), like this:

<?php$array = array('one' => '1','two' => '2','three' => '3','four' => '4','five' => '5');$serialized = serialize($array);echo $serialized . '<br><br><br>';$arrayTwo = unserialize($serialized);echo '<pre>';print_r($arrayTwo);echo '</pre>';?>

that will output this:

a:5:{s:3:"one";s:1:"1";s:3:"two";s:1:"2";s:5:"three";s:1:"3";s:4:"four";s:1:"4";s:4:"five";s:1:"5";}Array(	[one] => 1	[two] => 2	[three] => 3	[four] => 4	[five] => 5)

no need to use eval(), serialize turns the array into a storable form, then unserialize() turns it back into an array

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