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Form And Submit Button


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So I know how to create a form and buttons and such, but I wondering if I have say inside my form 3 text boxes for input and a submit button. When that submit button is clicked I want to take that information and post it in my webpage. Like comments and such to where the information goes above the previous text and pushes the rest down. Can anyone help?DK

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yes i know that. i know some php and i looked through other sites to try to figure it out, but i just don't understand how that works.
But all the answers you need are on W3Schools, you are not looking well enoughThe steps are:
  1. Create a database from your webhost's control panel.
  2. [Tutorial: Receive form data]
  3. [Tutorial: Connect to database]
  4. [Tutorial: Add form data to database table]
  5. Create a page that will [Tutorial: Retrieve database information and display it].

Additionally, you can:

To see even more of the features databases can offer, read through the [Tutorial: W3Schools SQL Tutorial].I'm under the impression that you haven't been making much of an effort to actually learn the languages and have been hoping to find a whole block of code already done for you. If you're searching for that, you are less likely to find an answer than if you search for the things that it is made up of.

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