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Displaying A .txt File In An Html Window


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hi. I'm trying to create a very simple HTML doc that will allow the user to enter 2 boxes of information. A case number and some notes about the case.First I want hitting the submit button to write to the end of the text file then display the updated contents in the left pane as my txt file.This absolutely has to be done locally and it has to be done with html/javascript as that's the only thing these computers will allow.any ideas on how to display a text file in a browser window without using server side scripting?Main Page:

<html><head><style type="text/css">#caselist {position: relative; left: 450px; top: -315px}</style></head><body><table id="caseedit">  <tr>    <td>      <fieldset>        <legend>New/Edit Case</legend>          <form name="tracker" action="something.asp/js" method="get">          Case Number: <br>          <input type="text" name="case" />          <input type="submit" value="Create" /> <br>          Notes: <br>          <textarea rows="10" cols="50"></textarea> <br />              Status:	      <input type="radio" name="closed" value="Closed" />Closed	      <input type="radio" name="pending" value="Pending" />Pending	      <input type="radio" name="moreinfo" value="MoreInfo" />Needs More Info	      <input type="radio" name="callback" value="Callback" />Needs callback          </form>      </fieldset>    </td>  </tr></table></body></html>

Text file: "#######" is the case number.

#######notes go herenotes go herenotes go here----------------------------------#######notes go herenotes go herenotes go here----------------------------------etc...

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