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Pause Method That Doesn't Pause The Whole Program

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Is there a method that pauses the specific method it's in, no others, for a certain # of nanoseconds or milliseconds.I have tried using delay(), but that stops the whole program and it gets on my nerves.Does anyone know of a delay() for only the method it's in? :) ~~Hi Guy~~

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It is not possible to pause only a certain method, while the method is invoked from a Thread or Process. Both can be looked up in the Java public API.When you want to pause only a certain snippet of a whole program, you should try looking into creating a separate Thread/Process, which enables you to pause anything it runs, separated from the other Thread. I don't know much about threading though.And if this sounds too difficult for you to approach, may I ask you in what situation you want to use this, every application is unique in its way, and one may have another sollution just jet.

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