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An Auto Dealers Inventory?

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:) I have a small used car dealership. I do the website, now i know already your thinking oh great some frontpage using noob lol but not the case. I do my layouts primarily in photoshop and slice them up and publish w/ dreamweaver. So my question is some higher end sites have almost flash looking inventory pages but i know flash can be a pain when i need to update every single week, or multiple times a week. (e.g. http://iqautos.com/Inventory.aspx, and or http://www.georgiacarcenter.com/carsforsale.aspx) now if you click a particular vehicle it takes you to a page with more pictures and detailed info. is this built almost like an excel spreadsheet with a place to enter the data and it will populate those fields? Any suggestions / links / help would be greatly appreciated. (also is it possible to do in php or if php pages exist already on server / in my site?)Thanks in Advance,Used. thisismarta-thumb.jpg
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This is an ideal situation to store the data in a database a typical table could haveid - a unique idreg - registrationyom - year of manufacturemaker - manufacturer of carmodel - such as Golf, Beetle etctrim - trim levelbody - style of body, saloon, hatch, pick up etcenginecc - size of engineengcyl - number of cylindersengform - rotary, straight, vee, W, H, flat, boxer etcengfuel - fuel type used in engineprice - asking pricesold - could be used to hide sold vehicles but might want to have sale agreed that stil shows detailsAbove are a sample of fields, others could have filenames for photosUse ASP or PHP to access the DB and if you update it frequently then it wil be easier to maintain than a static site. An initial page would just extract the data from the table but then as you get more au fait then include search facilities.

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