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Background Difference Between Ie And Ff


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HelloI'm building a page that has a background color and repeated background image.http://www.bdki.com/bdki2.0/In IE it's looking fine. In Firefox, the background stops once the page gets to the floating DIVs. Here's the relevant HTML:

<div id="homeBody">				<!--Using P instead of H2 because H2 causes space above the left border in FF, but not in IE -->				<p id="topTitle">Welcome</p>								<p class="padR2">At Knowledge Institute, we bring innovation and collaboration to the world of entrepreneurial development and small business education. By uniting government, nonprofit economic development agencies and private sector leaders in business-to-business solutions, we are providing robust access to the following comprehensive resources tailored to the interests and needs of today's entrepreneurs:</p>								<div class="twoColumn">					<h3>Education</h3>										<p>						Utilize free online, interactive curriculum to build entrepreneurial skills and knowledge:						<div class="twoColumn">							<ul>								<li>Courses</li>							  <li>Registration</li>							</ul>						</div>												<div class="twoColumn">							<ul>								<li>Textbooks</li>							  <li>Certification</li>							</ul>						</div>					</p>					<br clear="all" />					<br />										<h3>Professional Services</h3>										<p>						Advance outreach, inpact and value to entrepreneurs by securing KnowledgeInstitute services in areas of:						<ul>							<li>Strategic Marketing Campaigns</li>						  <li>Content Development (web/print)</li>						  <li>Educational Program Development</li>						  <li>Speaking Engagements/Lectures</li>						</ul>					</p>				</div>								<div id="leftBorder" class="twoColumn">								</div>			</div>

Here are the styles:

#homeBody { width:75%; margin-left:232px; margin-top:10px; padding-left:10px; border-width:0px; border-style:solid; border-color:#C1D4EA; border-left-width:1px; }#topTitle { font-size:140%; color:#6C3081; font-weight:bold; }#leftBorder { padding-left:10px; border-width:0px; border-style:solid; border-color:#C1D4EA; border-left-width:1px; }.twoColumn { float:left; width:49%; }			.padR2 { padding-right:20px; }

Is there a way to have the background be consistent across the browsers?Many thanks

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