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Problem Installing Php 5.3.0 On Apache 2.2.12 For Win32 Xp


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Hey. when i install PHP 5.3.0 VC6 on Apache 2.2.12, php dosent seem to have Apache as a choise ?!? it just displays:(radiobutton) IIS Fast CGI(radiobutton) Other CGI(radiobutton) Do not setup a webserverBut when i install PHP 5.2.10 i get:(radiobutton) Apache 1.0 Module(radiobutton) Apache 2.0 Module(radiobutton) Apache 2.2 Module(radiobutton) Apache CGI(radiobutton) IIS Fast CGI(radiobutton) IIS CGIand more...(The choises are on the 2 or 3rd page of installation)Is it a flaw or what ? i just want know before i submit it to PHP bug report/mads

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