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Little Problem Html<>php Variable


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HoiI have a question , somebody fills in his name on my website in fieldname "htmlname"Code<html><body><br><input type="text" name="HTMLname" /><br>Next , i want to declare this input as a php variable with the next php code: <?php$PhpVarNaam='HTMLnaam'; echo Filled in name : $PhpVarName;?>This isn't correct, i get "HTMLname" as result, but this is wrongWho can help with this little issue?Thanks in advance

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first of all, your input field has to be within a form... and make a submit button...like this

<form action='mypage.php' method='post'><input type="text" name="HTMLname" /><input type='submit' name='submit' value='submit'></form>

what this code means is that when you hit the submit button, it will load "mypage.php" and give $_POST['HTMLname'] the value that is enteredso on mypage.php you could have the code

<?php$PhpVarName=$_POST['HTMLname']; echo "Filled in name : ".$PhpVarName;?>

and make sure you spell stuff correct....

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