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Yet Another Php Vigilance Problem


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I'm trying to experiment the $_GET function, but I keep making a spelling mistake in my code, which causes it not to get displayed.

echo '<a href="add_user.php?id=' . $row['id'] . '&first_name=' . $row['first_name'] . '&last_name=' . $row['last_name'] . '&gender=' . $row['gender'] . '&address=' . $row['address'] . '&phone=' . $row['phone'] . '&reg_nr=' . $row['reg_nr'] . '&reg_date=' . NOW() . '&other=' . $row['other'] . '&membership=' . $row['membership'] . '">ReƮnnoire Abonament</a></div>';

Later EDITThe error appears to be triggered by the NOW() function. I think I've found a workaround for my case...

Edited by 23.12.2012
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