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Carrying post variables forward


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A strange question but..... is it possible to carry post variables forwards through several pages?I've got a site where the user assigns a variable using a form on the first page, the variable is then used in the second page to access a relevent file which the user then modifies using a textbox, they then submit this to a third page which write's their modifications to the file (which obviously needs the original variable to identify the file).At the minute there is a form field on the second page in which the user can re-enter the first variable, the default value of this is the first variable and so as long as the user doesn't change this field all is fine, however I don't want them to be able to change this at all.Is there a way of carrying the variable forwards automatically, or getting the php/html to post the old variable again when the user submits the form on the 2nd page without it being a field the user has defined?

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