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Background Image Alignment In Ie8


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donno; syntax is correct and it works for me just fine. might want to quote the url just to be tidy.not sure if this is an inline style or it it's in a stylesheet, but the background position may have been set by a higher priority style elsewhere.open up the developer tools in IE8 and select the element in question, the 'Trace Styles' tab will show you the effective style and which style sheet it comes from. The Style tab will show you all the applicable styles and have a strike-through the styles that have been over-ridden.The intrinsic developer tools in IE8 are very cool and very helpful.Also I'd add that IE8 on the CSS end is faithful to standards compliance, haven't seen any really obnoxious bugs yet; the compliance ends at css though, still need to write script for IE (still no support for addEventListener)

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