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Javascript On Page Blocks Target=_blank From Working

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Hi, my problem is that multiple pages on my site have links that include target="_blank" to open new windows, but when clicked they do not open in a new window.Here is a page:http://www.surepayroll.com/product/401k/. The PDF link "Sure401k Plan Summary" is supposed to open in a new window.I have been adding/removing code on the page to find the culprit, and now I found the file but do not know what to do next. The file was included in my footer, and this is the code from that file:

<%'== Start Functions ======================================================function IsProServer	dim sLyrisServerName	dim oUtil		set oUtil = Server.CreateObject("zUtils.Code")	sLyrisServerName = oUtil.getSystemVariable("LOGINAS_ENVIRONMENT")	IsProServer = False	if UCASE(sLyrisServerName) = "PRODUCTION" then		IsProServer = True	end if		set oUtil = nothing	end function'== End Functions ======================================================%><%if IsProServer() then%>	<script type="text/javascript">		document.write('<'		+'script type="text/javascript" src="'		+document.location.protocol		+'//stats2.clicktracks.com/cgi-bin/ctasp-server.cgi'		+'?i=CWeIPveLVGc24M'		+'"></'+'script>');	</script>	<noscript>		<img src="https://stats2.clicktracks.com/cgi-bin/ctasp-server.cgi?i=CWeIPveLVGc24M&g=1" alt="Web Analytics" border=0>	</noscript><%else %>	<script type="text/javascript">	document.write('<'	+'script type="text/javascript" src="'	+document.location.protocol	+'//stats2.clicktracks.com/cgi-bin/ctasp-server.cgi'	+'?i=CWeIPveLVGc24M'	+'&d=stagingsurepayrollcom'	+'"></'+'script>');	</script>	<noscript>		<img src="https://stats2.clicktracks.com/cgi-bin/ctasp-server.cgi?i=CWeIPveLVGc24M&d=stagingsurepayrollcom&g=1" alt="Web Analytics" border=0>	</noscript><%end if%>

What is it in this code that is preventing target="_blank" from working?

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