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Hi all,Until recently I have used plain text editors to code, but lately I have found that IDEs can be a welcome aid.I don't really need anything super fancy like a full-scale IDE, just syntax highlighting and something that keeps track of indentation so that when I move to a new line I don't need to tab out to the correct indentation.I have used notepad++ on Windows and I really like it, but most of my coding is done in a Linux environment and AFAIK there is no Linux version. Something similar to notepad++ would be awesome. I am looking into an editor called SciTE that is apparently the basis of notepad++ so hopefully that will be the answer.If such a thing exists then perhaps an editor that will help me keep track of the various attributes that each element can have (my experience with HTML/XHTML etc. is limited and I hate having to keep looking up the attributes at my disposable), it would be far easier to have access to some sort of HTML/XHTML/CSS API, or to be able to create one like you can in notepad++, it doesn't necessarily need to be part of the editor so any suggestions on sites that offer this sort of thing would also be much appreciated.________________________________________________“Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.” “Marriage is a three rings circus: engagement rings , wedding rings and sufferings.”

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