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Html Form Input Page Description For Src Attribute Doesn't Make Sense


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Hi,I've just been reading though the html form input tag page and the src attribute explanation confused me.It says "Specifies the URL to an image to display as a submit button".This makes it sound like the tag should read

<input type="submit" src="folder/file.png" />

However, the correct syntax for an image submit button is:

<input type="image" src="folder/file.png" />

This seems like common sense, seeing as there is an image type, but for people with no ingenuity, this may confuse themThe src explanation should read something like:Specifies the URL to an image to display as a submit button (for type="image")Sorry to be picky.Thanks.Matthew Millar

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It is true that when you click on the link to the src page, all becomes clear. It is also true that the page listing the attributes for the input tag has several clarifications of the kind Matthew Millar suggests. It may be a small point, but I think it's valid. Good call.

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