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Trouble Adding Padding To An Image...

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I am trying to align an image with text in my header... here is my page:header.gifI want the Customer Login to move down about 5-10 pixels so that is lines up with the text. I've tried adding padding and margins but it breaks onto two lines. What is the best way to go about doing this?Here is my CSS:

.headerSubpages {margin: 0 auto; width:960px; height:104px; margin-bottom: 20px;}.headerLeftSubpages {width: 300px;float: left; }.headerSubpagesCenter {padding-top:40px; text-align:right;}

And the HTML:

<div class="headerSubpages">	<div class="headerLeftSubpages"><a href="http://<%= Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME") %>/default.asp"><img src="/spsite/navigation/images/hg_splogo300.gif" width="300" height="104" border="0" align="left" /></a></div>	<div class="headerSubpagesCenter">Need Assistance?   1.877.954.7873   /   <a href="#">Free Payroll Quote</a>   /   <a href="#">Enroll Now</a>   /	<img src="/spsite/navigation/images/headerCustomer_login.gif" /></div>	</div>

Thank you for your help,

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Why don't you move the text up so it sits in the middle using vertical-align: middle; ?

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I added vertical-align:middle to .headerSubpagesCenter and there was no change on the page.
But I added this to the CSS: .headerSubpagesCenter img {vertical-align:middle;} And the image aligns now! Thank you for your help.
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Edit: ah, got there fast. :)

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