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While (condition) Help


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I am opening a while and inside the while i have an if statement. If that statement proves true I want to exit the while. Is this possible and how? Couldn't find it on the main w3schools website.

$sbanned = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM shoutbans");	while ($sban = mysql_fetch_row($sbanned)){		if ($sban['user'] == $_SESSION['user'])			$usrBanned = 'yes';	}	if ($ustBanned == 'yes'){			"Show information"	} else {		echo 'This section is off limits, you are banned from using it.';	}

Or if you know of a better way to check if the session user is in the shoutbans table.Basically i made a shout box but I do not want it to show if the logged in user is banned from it.

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First stop, enclose your condition's body with "{}". And second, you can use the break statement.

if ($sban['user'] == $_SESSION['user']) {			$usrBanned = 'yes';			break;}

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