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Fetching The Name Of A Form Field From $_post


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I would like to be able to detect the name of the form field that a script has been sent via the $_POST variable array. Only one value will be set at a time. So, I need to know $_POST["this_bit"], but I don't know how to reference that.edit: I will explain my idea, so I know if it'll work before I proceed:I want to create a form that displays a user's current personal data and lets them save it. I could have the form handler be one big script that can cope with any and all changes, but I thought it'd be easier to have a little button next to each field and if one is changed, only one form field is posted to the handler at a time, which could then return true or false to the form page. Would that work or do I need AJAX for that? It'd be fun to dust off my AJAX anyway...

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You can loop through everything in $_POST using foreach:

foreach ($_POST as $k => $v){  echo 'key: ' . $k . '; value: ' . $v . '<br>';}

You can also use array_keys to get an array of the keys in another array.

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