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Dropdown Menu Using Divs In Ie Not Working


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Hey - so I'm sure the problem has to do with the parent/child relationship and their positions, but in IE, the drop down menu positions itself to the SIDE of the image I want it to drop down from rather than underneath it. Firefox is fine. So..do I have my positions in the wrong place? I am new to using divs so hopefully there's a simple mistake somewhere.....CSS:

#menu		{		width:950px;				}#menu ul ul	{		list-style: none;		margin-left: 10px;		padding: 0;		float: left;		background-color:white;		}#menu a		{		font: bold 12px georgia;		display: block;		border-width: 2px;		border-style: solid;		border-color: #deb76a;		margin: 0;		padding: 2px 3px;		color:black;		text-decoration:none;		}#menu li 	{		position: relative;		}#menu ul	{		list-style: none;		margin: 0;		padding: 0;				float: left;		}#menu ul ul	{		width: 100px;		position: absolute;		z-index: 1;		}div#menu ul ul 	{		display: none;		}div#menu ul li:hover ul		{		display: block;		}


		<div id="menu">			<ul>				<li><img src="xtra/extracomponents/banner_images/home.gif" width="88" height="26" alt="">					<ul>						<li><a href="horse.html">dropdown1</a></li>						<li><a href="horse.html">dropdown2</a></li>					</ul>				</li>			</ul>			<ul>				<li><img src="xtra/extracomponents/banner_images/sales.gif" width="102" height="26" alt="">					<ul class="ddwidth">						<li>dropdown1</li>						<li>dropdown2</li>					</ul>				</li>			</ul>


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