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Diamond Shape Of Asterisk In Php


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That's what this forum is for, we shouldn't try to limit all queries to a single thread.Scratch previous statement in reaction to editing of original post (previously a call for all PHP questions to be placed in this thread, so the OP could attempt to answer them).Think he means "◆" , which can be represented in HTML by using the & #9670; (remove space) entity.

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Can any one help me that how i make diamond shape of asterisk in my web page.With Regards,Ajmal
What is that supposed to mean?An asterick looks like *, and a diamond looks like ♢ . If by "diamon shape of astericks", you mean as in ASCII art... does this look fine:
    *  *  **      *  *  *   *

If not... could you provide a picture to clarify?

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