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Placement Of An Input Button Using Css


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I have a submit button on my website that I would like to move to another spot on my page. I can't figure out what the selector should be to only move that one element. In web developer the element info for this submit type button isinput.buttonattributestype=submitvalue=loginclass=buttonname=submitIn my external css when I try to move the code below it effects all the type=submit buttons. What class do I include in myl css to only effect the button I mentioned above. I think it should look something like input.button_login or .button_login or login.input.button (really I don't know)

.button {  color: #6F0564;  font-family: Arial, Hevlvetica, sans-serif;  text-align: center;  font-size: 11px;  font-weight: bold;  border: 3px double #cccccc;  width: auto;  background: url(../images/button_bg.png) repeat-x;  padding: 0px 5px;  line-height: 18px !important;  line-height: 16px;  height: 26px !important;  height: 24px;  margin: 1px;}

So my question is: How do I move the Login Button without effecting all other buttons on the page.If you need to look at it directly, www.pixcamera.com I want to move that login button into the empty space left of the remember me checkbox.

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