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Looking For A Flash Guy


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I read through the forum rules and I did not see anything against posting in search of a coder, so if it is against the forum rules I am sorry! :) I am looking to make a flash video player with overlay ads. The trouble I am having is that the end user needs to be able to control which video is played, multiple text ads with (cue in point, duration, text to be shown, link to go to, and target property IE. _blank or _self ). This would be used in a content management system. I was thinking about using flash vars to send flash a var name referencing a node in an xml sheet with all the related data. I think I have come up with the most user intuitive way to write the xml(xml included below). The only thing possibly needing explanation is in the main node I have a path property that would reference the video directory on the server. Each video node has a name property, this would be the value of the flash var (at least I was thinking that should work out). The text ads would not be a lower third or firth but rather a small box on the lower right hand of the video. The main problem I am having is that I need the end user to be able to adjust a little bit of code to include in the page he wants the video in. I figure the only thing he should have to change is the flash var and then update the xml sheet. Rather then the user changing the flash var, it might be easier for the user to include a little php block, which could in-turn adjust the flash var value.I do have more information and would like to talk via paltalk, skype, or aim video chat...If some one feel confident they can complete this project please send me a reply either here or through our website Our contact page

<videos path-to-video-folder="../videos/">	<video name="First Video">		<video url="firstvideo.flv" use-path="yes" />		<ads>			<ad>				<cue="00:00:30" /> 				<durration="00:00:10" />				<target="_blank" />				<link="http://www.aj.com" />				<ad-text="Click to learn more about the product" />			</ad>			<ad>				<cue="00:01:10" /> 				<durration="00:00:15" />				<target="_blank" />				<link="http://www.video.google.com" />				<ad-text="Learn more about the product" />			</ad>		</ads>	</video>		<video name="Second Video">		<video url="http://www.site.com/videos/some-category/video.flv" use-path="no" />		<ads>			<ad>				<cue="00:00:30" /> 				<durration="00:00:10" />				<target="_blank" />				<link="http://www.aj.com" />				<ad-text="Click to learn more about the product" />			</ad>			<ad>				<cue="00:01:20" /> 				<durration="00:00:07" />				<target="_blank" />				<link="http://www.video.google.com" />				<ad-text="Learn more about the product" />			</ad>		</ads>	</video>		<video name="Thrid Video">		<video url="somevideo.flv" use-path="yes" />		<ads>			<ad>				<cue="00:00:30" /> 				<durration="00:00:10" />				<target="_blank" />				<link="http://www.aj.com" />				<ad-text="Click to learn more about the product" />			</ad>			<ad>				<cue="00:01:10" /> 				<durration="00:00:15" />				<target="_blank" />				<link="http://www.video.google.com" />				<ad-text="Learn more about the product" />			</ad>		</ads>	</video>	</videos>

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