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Php Vs Asp.net


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Neither gets the job done any better than the other. (Though I think Just Some Guy reported that PHP has a better MySql interface.)Here's what I tell people.1. If you are new to programming in general, go with PHP. It and JavaScript have a similar ancestry and are very much alike. Chances are you'll be learning both of them, so it just makes sense to keep your learning curve as low as possible.2. If you have experience with ANY flavor of C, that's PHP ancestor, so the syntax will look very familiar.3. The PHP community is big and growing. If you like hanging out on this board, the PHP community is MUCH larger. So more help available.4. PHP's popularity is growing, and the language gets updated with astonishing regularity. It has a bright future, at least for 5-10 years or so.5. ASP is not a language. It is an engine that understands several languages. A popular one is Visual Basic Script, which has a large following because it's derived from Visual Basic. If you know VB pretty well, then going with ASP might be a better way to get your feet wet.6. Microsoft's JScript (their private flavor of JavaScript, which is really ECMAScript) also runs on ASP, so what I said above about learning just one kind of language sort of applies here. You also run the risk of learning MS habits that might not work well in a true JavaScript environment. I don't know much about that. Could be the risks are trivial.7. If you mostly see yourself doing a lot of in-house corporate projects and your admins are die-hard Windows enthusiasts who upgrade their server software on a glacial timeframe (ie, small-minded control freaks), then ASP might make them happier. It might even be the only game in town.You've probably guessed I'm a PHP fan. I also confess to hating everything about Microsoft except Bill Gates, who seems like a pretty cool guy. So put that into your equation, too.

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