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I have a total noob question

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:ph34r: the contract ninjai'm editing some css for a company's website and don't know what some of the code means.there is a lot of "!important"'s all over the place (normally after a font-family definitionwhat does this mean                HELP PLEASEHardcore Forever :)  :(

Wow, is that site like I think; not exactly "kosher"? :)
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no its hardcore techno internet radio id like to think this site is safe for work
Ah, okay. I hope you can see how I was in doubt... :)
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It is also one of the slowest pages I have ever seen. It seems to have CSS plastered everywhere even inside the body (and no I'm not talking about inline style), JavaScript everywhere, and... just how many tables are there in that thing?! I count 68...Anyway, I guess I was impressed that's all. =)

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