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Referencing A Folder That Contains External .css And .js Files


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I have a web site project for school and I can not remember if you can reference a a file in a previous folder that contains the main external .css and .js files for the site. I do not know if I explained it clearly but I will use an example:My main pages are all located on the main server home.htm, etc. then I created a folder that held other pages, lets call it subfolder, so the address to any pages under there would be http://....../subfolder/page.htm.If I want to reference the external files from the main folder on the pages in the subfolder how do I do that? I guess what I mean is how do I back-reference (don't know if that is the term) a styles of Javascript file to a page in a subfolder, when these files are located in the main folder. Instead of having a different copy of the .css file in the subfolder as well as the main folder (which I find inconceivable even think of having to deal with).I apologize if this is confusing. Thanks in advance.
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