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Ie8 & Javascript Onscroll Event Does Not Work


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I am trying to get a menu to move with a page when a user scrolls. The menu isn't the problem.I put an onscroll event in the web page's body tag, but IE 8 does not seem to recognize it.This is from my code:

<body onscroll="moveButtonsGroup()" >

The function never gets called. I put a simple alert message in it as follows:

function moveButtonsGroup( ){alert("I got here.")}

I never get the alert message. This works fine in the latest version of FireFox. Does anyone have any information about this?

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What is strange is that this works in FireFox.(OK - I have been working with CSS for a couple of years now and have worked on pages that need to work for both IE and FF, so I guess I cannot use the word "strange". Things like this happen all the time! LOL)I found a couple of websites that use a different approach. Instead of using the onscroll event they use CSS positioning. I haven't examined their code in detail yet, but that looks like a better solution right now.Thanks for your reply, JustSomeGuy.==============================Yes - Using CSS positioning really worked well. I used fixed positioning. No use for the onscroll anymore.

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