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My First Job, How Much Should I Ask For?

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Someone who has a wrestling company wants me to make his website. He wants me to build his website from scratch, full with a content management system. It looks to me like it's going to take a few weeks to complete. He's asking me how much I will charge him. Could you look at what he's asking me to do and tell me what you think I should charge him? I was thinking $3,200 but I don't know.And overview of what he wants- Approximately 8 to 10 pages-Technologies: xhtml, dhtml, javascript, ajax, php, mysql-Custom CMS (built from the ground up)-User Control Panel It's all built from the ground up but some people download a CMS. I'm building one from scratch.How much do you estimate this costs?His quote (confusing and unorganized)-

Website PagesBackstage 2 provides website pages for the following page types: * Content * News Articles * News Archives * Automatic Roster List * Character Biography * Champions and Contenders * Title History * Card * Results * Results Archives Admin PanelLogin Panel * Single login point for administrators and wrestlers * Wrestlers can access all of their available characters with one login * Administrators can access all characters and use all editing and posting features, as well as site configuration tools Character/Team TypesAll biography types support biography editing, and news posting, allies and rivals selection and quotes. o Singles: A wrestler + Singles wrestles can be used individually or to form tag teams or stables. o Tag Team: A team consisting of two singles wrestlers. + It is necessary to create the singles biographies for each team member in order to complete the tag team biography. + If team members change, the system will keep record of former members. o Stable: A group consisting of up to five singles wrestlers or other character types. + It is necessary to create the biographies for each stable member in order to complete the stable biography. + If stable members change, the system will keep record of former members. o Manager/Valet: A non-competing person usually employed by a wrestler or team. + Singles, Tag Teams or Stables can have a single manager. o Staff: A non-competing person usually employed by the company, e.g. CEO, General Manager, Interviewer, Ring Crew. o Referee: Match official. + Referees are associated with individual matches in the show compiler. Biographies o Online layout manager - advanced coding knowledge not needed to make unique bio layouts. Single or multiple pages. o Custom fields - add additional fields without manually modifying source code or the database. o Newest Wrestler RSS feed - automatically announce your latest signing to the website. Content Management o Administrators can add static content pages (e.g. rules, faq) to the website via the admin panel. o Appearance of each page is determined by selecting from header and footer templates. Integrated News Publishing o Administrators can add unlimited news categories. o Posting permissions for each category includes Admin Only or All Users. o Wrestlers post news as the selected character with finalize approval by Admin. o News history can be listed in the character bio. Integrated Results Management o Event Booking + Pre-Defined Arena List + Unlimited Matches + Hype Each Match + Add / Remove / Reorder Matches o Event Compilation + Matches and segments are posted in wrestlerlogin area. + Unlimited Matches and Segments can be posted from within the administration pages. + Associate characters with matches and segments. Headshots appear automatically in the results. + Administrators compile events - drag and drop reordering of submissions to build card o Archiving + Archiving is done automatically. Once a show has been set to Public, it automatically appears in the show archive list. No further action is required by the card compiler. + Flexible archive list - include a variety of information about each event, e.g. date, arena, what the main event was, custom comments. + Searchable o Win/Loss Records + Administrators are presented with a list of the matches and the competitors. Select the match type, tick win, loss, draw or no-contest, everything else is done for you to count records and calculate statistics. o Appearance/Layout + Layouts are extremely flexible. Templates can be assigned per show type, and each show can have custom elements (images etc). o Booking Notification Integrated Championship Management o Champions + Unlimited Titles + Singles, Tag or Stables can have titles + List up to 3 contenders for each title + All characters on champions/contenders page automatically linked to their bios + Make titles inactive but keep the history o Title Histories + Title histories listed per title and integrated in with the character's match history in their bio. + Extremely easy maintanance for the card compiler or other site administrator. Handler Tools o Active Wrestlers/Characters directory lists all active wrestlers along with the name of their name and the characters that they handle and their email address. Great for keeping track of who is who and keeping in contact. Site IntegrationTemplatesTemplates contain code sections that act as headers and footers which are then applied to content pages, news articles or any other output from Backstage . It is similar to using PHP or SSI Includes, however the code sections are fixed at the very start and very end of whatever the templates are applied to.A single template can be applied to an unlimited number of output pages. An infinite number of templates can be created.CSSDynamic Menu Systems DatabaseBackstage utilizes MYSQL to store data. Custom queries can be created that provide a high level of uniqueness between different sites. Administrators Guide o Add/Edit/Delete Wrestlers o Add/Edit/Delete Characters + Retired Characters: Do not delete them. Put them to Inactive. Deleting them affects results archives. o Add/Edit/Delete Championships + Discontinued Titles: Do not delete them. Put them to Inactive. Deleting them affects results archives. o Add/Edit/Delete Show Names o Book A Show + Setup: Select Show Name, Enter Label (e.g. consecutive number), Enter location. + Add Matches + Title Matches: Select the championship being competed for during the match. + Set Status # Pre-Booking: Set new booking to "Pre Booking" to allow the administrator to build the card without giving away the match lineup to non-admin users. # Booking: Set booking to "Booking" to allow members to submit matches and segments for the event. o Compile A Show + Edit Matches/Segments + Set Participants: Participants headshots appear at the top of each match/segment. + Set Interference: Interferences are listed on the character bio page of the interferer, but not specifically noted on the results. + Reorder Matches/Segments + Make Show Public + Edit Title History Comments Users Guide * Change Your Character: If you have multiple characters, simply select whichever character you want to edit or post as from the drop-down menu at the top of the backstage login page. If the dropdown isn't there, the site administrator must enable additional characters for your wrestler account. * Update Bio Page * Submit Quoes * Post News Site Integration Template Management o CMS Templates: They can be used for Content Pages, News Article Pages, Bio Layouts, and Default Pages o Bio Templates: Allow biographies to be formatted without directly editing script files Content PagesDefault Page is the Content Page or News Group when accessing index.php Standard PagesWeekly Card and Next Weekly Card: CSSResults Archives and News Archives: CSSChampions and Contenders: CSS File List and Purposebackstage.phpbackstageajax.phpbackstagefunctions.phpbackstagefunctionscustom.phpbio.phpcontent.phpindex.phpresort.phprssfeed.phpbackstage.css: Controls the appearance of the administration consolekow.css: Controls the appearance of the output pages within the website
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It more or less seems spelled out pretty well. I'm (admittedly) tires so I can't really look at it, but I will say (for me) $3,200 is about a forth of what I would charge. But I have 15+ years of experience and an excellent track record for building applications that don't break when users (content manager editors) manipulate its functionality.It comes down to how experienced you are, how much proof you have of that experience, what is your time line, and where is the user interface (graphic design) being done?

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