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Hi, I'm trying to insert a large amount of data (800-1000 entries) into an SQL table from the command prompt from another table using the following query:


Both ClientsToKeywords and Derived2 have the same fields and types, that's not the issue. But some of the Derived2 entries violate a unique constraint applied to the ClientsToKeywords table, so whenever the MySQL server hits a tuple that violates the unique constraint it simply stops the insertion. While i could search my entered data for any rows that violate the constraint, this would take more time than I care to invest. Is there a way to have MySQL do it for me either in the select statement or another SQL query on the Derived2 table itself? Thanks in advance!

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Ok, I looked around the web and found a command I thought might work:

INSERT INTO ClientsToKeywords '0', (SELECT DISTINCT ClientID, KeywordID FROM Derived2), '1';

This gave my a syntax error, but the following slightly modified worked successfully:

INSERT INTO ClientsToKeywords (SELECT DISTINCT '0', ClientID, KeywordID, '1' FROM Derived2);

(the 0 and 1 values are the auto-incrementing ID and another non-constrained field). Hope this helps anyone else who stumbles upon this thread, lol.

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