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Auto Expand Width(floated Div) If Content Exceeds Its Limit In Ie Issue


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Hi,Pls look into the following code, I got desired result in FF.But IE expands only non-space word for oneline.(note: blank space on content right side other lines)Desired result: Content text should expand as whatever the space occupied by non-space word or Image.----------------------output in FF:------fklasj fklsjflksjdfkl sdfkjsdf klsjdfkjsdfkjsdffklsdjfsadkljfaskldjfasdklfjasdfkl fklasj fklsjflksjdfkl sdfkjsdf klsj dfkjsdfkjsdf------output in IE:----fklasjfklsjflksjdfklsdfkjsdfklsjdfkjsdfkjsdffklsdjfsadkljfaskldjfasdklfjasdfklfklasjfklsjflksjdfklsdfkjsdfklsjdfkjsdfkjsdf----<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"><HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Auto expand width if content exceeds its limit</TITLE><style type="text/css">.container{width:100px;zoom:1;}.panel{background-color:#ccc;zoom:1;}.inner{float:left;background-color:#ccc;zoom:1;display:inline-block;}</style> </HEAD> <BODY><div class="container"> <div class="panel"> <div class="inner"> fklasj fklsjflksjdfkl sdfkjsdf klsj dfkjsdfkjsdffklsdjfsadkljfaskldjfasdklfjasdfkl fklasj fklsjflksjdfkl sdfkjsdf klsj dfkjsdfkjsdf </div> </div></div> </BODY></HTML>I'm expecting favor!thanks in advanceThangaman

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