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An Unexpected End


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Hi have tried to write a code myself and i have an unexpected end. God knows if it would work i hope it does made it similar to one in a tutorial.

<html><head><tittle> Roll Em!</title></head><body><h1> Button song!!</h1><?print verse();function verse($bodypart) {switch ($bodypart) {	case 1:	$bodypart = "right hand";break;	case 2:	$bodypart = "left foot";break;case 3:	$bodypart = "left hand";break;case 3:	$bodypart = "right foot";break;default:	$bodypart = "ran out";}$output =<<<HEREHey! My name is Jo<br>And I work in a button factory<br>I have a husband, three kids, and a family.<br>One day my boss came up to me.<br>He said "Jo, are you busy?"<br>I said,"No"<br>He said to "push this button with your right hand"<br>HERE;return $output;?></body></html>

Thanks for looking gary

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