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If Statement Embedded In A Table


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HI, I'm trying to embed an if statement into an HTML table.. I've created the table and now I want to specify if (.$Months<6) then put an X in column1 and row1, if it's (.$Months<12) then put the X in column2 row1... here's my code.

<tr><th colspan=5 align=center> <font size=5 color=maroon>SCORECARD</th></tr></font><TR><TH width='50%'rowspan='2'><TH colspan='3'>Effect on Your Credit File	<TH rowspan='2' width ='5%'> Affecting Your Credit Score<TR><TH width ='5%'>Negative<TH width ='5%'>Positive<TH width ='5%'>Neutral<TR><TH align=left>The age of your file<TD align=center>[color="#FF0000"]if (.$Months<6){echo "X";}[/color]<TD align=center> [color="#FF0000"]if(.$Months<12){echo "X";}[/color]

It's the code in red (eg. if(.Months<6) {echo "X";} and the 12) that I think is giving me the erroe... anyone know how I can get this resolved.. Thanks

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