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Inserting An Image In Php


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Hi,I'm trying to insert a picture instead of the word "TITLE", but something's not working out.. any help? I have the word TITLE in a fancier .png format. Thanks.

<?phpecho "<table cellspacing='2' cellpadding='3%' border='2' width='80%' bordercolor='#995961' ALIGN=CENTER BGCOLOR= '#f6faff'>";print "<br />";print"<tr><th colspan=5 align=center> <font size=5 color=maroon>TITLE</th></tr></font><TR><TH width='80%'rowspan='2'><TH colspan='3'>Effect1<TH rowspan='2' width ='5%'>Effect2<TR><TH width ='5%'>Negative<TH width ='5%'>Neutral<TH width ='5%'>Positive</th></tr>";?>

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