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How To Access Value Of A Node In A For-each When Multiple Same-named Children Exist


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Hello.I have an XML file which eventually leads to something like this:

<function>  <parameter name="param1">Param1 description.</parameter>  <parameter name="param2">Param2 description here!</parameter>  <parameter name="param3">Param3 does something else, maybe...</parameter>  <returnValue>Returns true if Danny gets it right.</returnValue></function><function>  .. (similar) ..</function>

By iterating through each <parameter> in a for-each loop -- per function, which is in its own loop -- I am able to get any parameters the function may have, whether it be 0, 1, or 50 of 'em. My problem comes when I use the following XSLT code to get the values:

<xsl:for-each select="parameter">  <xsl:valueof select="@name"/>  <xsl:value-of select="../parameter"></xsl:for-each><xsl:value-of select="returns"/>

This is leading to no output of the <parameter> value itself. If you're using what I've posted, then I'm looking for "Param1 description", "Param2 description here!", etc. Instead, with the above XSLT file -- directed at "../parameter" after much trial and error -- I find myself just seeing:Param1 descriptionParam1 description... (continues for each <parameter> tag)How can I access the value of the node used in the for-each loop without referencing up such that I end up at the first node repeatedly, instead drawing the value of each node iterated through?

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