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Disabled Radio Button In Html


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Hi guys:This is my code for a radio button. "disabled" is not a property of asp:radiobutton

<asp:radiobutton id="rdbPeriod"  runat="server" disabled="true" Text="Period" GroupName="Ab"></asp:radiobutton>

the output html is this

<span disabled="true"><input id="rdbPeriod" type="radio" name="Ab" value="rdbPeriod" /><label for="rdbPeriodo">Period</label></span>

why the input is enclosed whithin <span> tags?I want to get this ouptut html

<input id="rdbPeriod" type="radio" name="Ab" value="rdbPeriod" disabled="true"/><label for="rdbPeriodo">Period</label>

How can I do it?Thanks!

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