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Good Free Web Hosting?


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I've searched far and wide for a free webhost that suits my needs, but they all have a catch. What I'm looking for is-

  • PHP
  • MySQL (At least 3 or more databases)
  • At least 200mb~ I don't care about the 1,000,000,000 tb free webhosts, I've never used more then 100mb.
  • Ability to create subdomains~ sub.mysite.theirsite.com
  • No ads
  • No popups
  • No random redirections
  • Perferably no advertising 404 page
  • When I want to upgrade I would like to have a nice plan to go into.

I'm planning on upgrading but I would like to have most of it built. Why should I pay for a plan when no one will see it for several months?Any suggestions?

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