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I created a simple HTML page with a flash player using the FLV Playback component. The parameters I used were like so:

skin: http://domain.com/flash/controls.swfsource: http://domain.com/videos/mymovie.flv

The HTLM document is located like sohttp://domain.com/index.htmlThe problem I was noticing was when I'd go to http://domain.com the player worked great but when I went to http://www.domain.com it wouldn't load the flv or the skin.I tried switching the parameters to include www but that just swapped the issue so now it wouldn't load without the www. Then I setup the parameters to be relative to where I was storing the swf file. (Inside of the flash folder)

skin: controls.swfsource: ../videos/mymovie.flv

This worked for loading the flv but now the controls won't load.1. Why wouldn't the swf file locate the absolute location of the flv and controls?2. Why is the swf not able to locate the controls with relative locations?Thanks in advance.

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