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modify result of select.


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I am sure that there is a way to do this, but i am not able to put my foot on the right trackSTEP 1 //DONEcreate a file holding a number of variableexample$first = info@;$second = sales@;$third = techsuppor@t;and so on.STEP 2 //DONE create a select query that picks up all the data from the table that stored domain namesSTEP 3// NOT DONE :-( what i am trying to figure out?to take the information selected from a table called domain_list column Domain and modify itexample if i have this in my table (www.w3school.com)IT would be modified to info@w3schools.comsales@w3schools.comtechsupport@w3schools.com then i input a subject and a mesage and click on send, the modified data would become the email address that it will email out to.I would appreaciate any ideas.Thank you allin a nut shell$Email == 0take field 1 in table "list" column "domain"take the first four charactres ( which would be www.) and replace them by $first(which will end up being info@w3schools.comtemporarily store as $Email++take the fist four char again and replace by $secondtemporarily store as $Email++take the first four characters and replace by $thirdtemporarily store as $Email++when commad button submit is clickedit would send the users input to all $Email values. which would be $Email1, $Email2, $Email3, $Email4, and so on

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