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What Is Vps Is Its Better Then Web Hosting

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A virtual private server is one type of web hosting. You can also get a dedicated server, or shared hosting. Shared hosting is usually the cheapest but also the most limited, since you're sharing one server with a lot of other people you can't do some things like install certain software or change settings on the server. A dedicated server is usually the most expensive but you can do whatever you want on the server because you're the only person using it. A virtual private server is a virtualized dedicated server, to you it looks like a dedicated server but it's actual a virtual server running on the same machine as other virtual servers. You may be able to reboot your own virtual server, but you still wouldn't be able to do anything that would affect anyone else hosting on the same machine.

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If your chat application only uses ASP and a database then you'll probably be able to run it on any ASP hosting package. If you need to install additional software to make it work you'll need to ask your potential host if they allow you to do that.

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