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It's not just Explorer. The slideshow doesn't work in my Firefox, either.1. You call the slideit() function too soon. The image it refers do has not yet been loaded into the DOM, so it cannot get a reference. You should place the script AFTER the html for the image or (better) set the slideit() function to run after the page loads. That looks like this: window.onload = slideit; There are no (parentheses) on purpose.2. This is VERY old code. 10-11 years old. More than half the age of the WWW. HTML no longer supports a name attribute for images. So document.images.slide may not get what you want. Change the name to an id. As in <img id="slide" blah blah blah>. Then get a reference to your image using document.getElementById("slide");3. This line of code is garbled: if (step"<"7). I think you mean step < 7 .In addition to this, stop using a transitional doctype, write strict code, and stop using tables for layout.

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