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Hi, I work for the norwegian webdesign company NorClick and we want help from designers around the world.We dont require you to be educated or to have long experiance with design, the only requirment is that you are good in what you do.We deliver the following to our clients:LogosRe design of logosHeadersContent BoxesFootersForumsBlogsPollsAdsFull websitesNewsletters and so on.When working with us you will be able to work at home or anywhere you want, as long as the job is done by given date.For more information about how to apply for this job and more information about beeing a designer for NorClick,send a email to nerd@norclick.com and you will be contacted asap.Feel also free to contact me with a private message in this forum.You may also check out our website, but for now, it's only avalible in Norwegian.Best Regards fromKristian NorClick DA : www.norclick.comnerd@norclick.com

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