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Defining New Paper Types


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But you guys generally know everything, so I'll ask anyway :)I am creating a variety of label mockups for products we want to sell and I have sheets of 30 labels of one size, 33 of another size, and 15 of another. Each time I finalize a design, I have to copy, paste and position the design onto my Photoshop layout grid for each label size. This is a pain if I want to change the design as I have to do the whole thing again. I have looked on :) for ways to define new paper types and haven't had much luck. I wondered if anyone had done this and could help me or point me to some decent resources. I'm using an HP Photosmart 8*** printer. In the same way that printing an A5 image twice with paper source set to A4 landscape will print them both on the same sheet, I want to define different paper sources for each label sheet so that printing one label 30 times will result in the an output that matches my label template (and 33 times and 15 for the other label sizes).Muchos gracias to anyone who can help.

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