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This has been a minor nuisance on my page for a while now and I've kinda ignored it, but I've gotten most of the project working now so I decided to tackle it. In IE there is an extra line break after a <hr> tag that shouldn't be there. This wouldn't be an issue except I have an absolutely positioned <div> that displays an error message next to an input field. And since, in IE, the page has an extra line break the error message is displayed one line too high on the page.I'm not sure if this link (Edit: removed link) will work since it's on a company intranet so hopefully the code is enough:

<div class='Main'><img class='title' src='/images/major_logo_med.jpg' alt='Major Industries, Inc' /><span class='PageTitle'>SkyPrice</span><br /><span class='subtitle'>Quoting System</span><hr align='left' size='4' noshade='true' />      ...After this <hr> is where the line break shows up<form name='ProjectSummary' id='ProjectSummary' action='Scripts/SaveScripts/SaveProject.php' method='post'><input type='hidden' name='Type' value='' /><input type='hidden' name='Hover' value='0' /><?phpecho "\n<input type='hidden' id='blnMultiRevs' value='".$blnMultiRevs."' />\n";//Dates section$QuoteDate = $CurrDate;if (isset($arrProject[0]['Date'])) {	$QuoteDate = $arrProject[0]['Date'];}echo "<div>\n";	echo "<div class='header DateHeader'>Date:</div>\n";	echo "<input type='text' class='dateInfo' value='".FormatDateTime($QuoteDate, $DisplayFormat)."' />\n";	$dateExpires = DateAdd('d', $ExpirationDays, $QuoteDate);	echo "<div class='header DateHeader'>Expires:</div>\n";	echo "<input type='text' class='dateInfo' value='".FormatDateTime($dateExpires, $DisplayFormat)."' />\n";	$dateShip = DateAdd('d', $ShipDays, $QuoteDate);	echo "<div class='header DateHeader'>Ship by:</div>\n";	echo "<input type='text' class='dateInfo' value='".FormatDateTime($dateShip, $DisplayFormat)."' />\n";echo "</div>\n";?><br /><hr align='left' size='2' noshade='true' />

**EDIT: Forgot to include relevant CSS:

hr {	width: 922px;	clear: both;}div {	padding: 0px;	margin: 0px;}div.DateHeader {	font-size: 18px;	width: 140px;}div.header {	float: left;}

If the link does work the break occurs right before the dates at the top of the page.Any advice or help you can give me is much appreciated. I've tried a few things but no luck.Thanks,jkloth

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