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Form Alignment Issues


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I am trying to center a form on the page but it always seems to sit a little to the right, especially when the browser window isn't maximized. I have modified the layout from a three column one, so there is padding assigned to the left and right where the left and right divs used to be. There is also proportional padding/margins but I have set the form a minimum width in px, so that's probably why it looks more out of kilter when it's not maximized. It's not terrible, but I'd like it to be better without having to redesign - I know you will probably tell me it's a Spartan layout anyway and it wouldn't take long to change, but there are a lot of styles with selectors involving the now defunct divs.Here is a link - click on the 'checkout' button to start the checkout process - you can't go directly from the query string.sinaesthesia

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