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Zengarden Project, Pic/text Not Showing In Firefox


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Hi there,I've been playing around with a csszengarden.com submission with a space theme. I've been creating it using notepad and IE6. When I test it in firefox everything works fine except for one div which does not display the pic or text which it should display. This is the address: Visit My Website.Here is the bit of code in question (I've left the css on the source code, as well). If you view it in IE it should display properly; it is the black text in the middle of the sun image that is in question, btw. Ohhhhh yeah, and the site is very much incomplete so please just ignore all that. Thanks.

#quickSummary {	background: url(images/blackholex.png);	background-repeat:no-repeat;	background-position:top; 	WIDTH: 335px;		height:1px;		position:absolute;		top:260px;		left:425px;

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